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ThaDudeFeev – De Evolution Entertainment 

ThaDudeFeev – De Evolution

Born Lisani Sambula in George Town, Cayman Islands, ThaDudeFeev, known as Feev throughout the industry, has had music in him from the very start. His father is a guitarist and as a child, Feev would often accompany him to band practice and live events, so it was only natural that he would inherit the love for the art of music.

However, making music was not Feev’s first love. Growing up, he idolized Michael Jackson for his dancing ability and began impersonating the King of Pop. Feev became an excellent, self-taught, dancer during his teenage years and had many group and solo performances. He was even offered the opportunity to go to Los Angeles to further his skills from an accomplished choreographer who visited Cayman and was extremely impressed with his technique and freestyle ability. But Feev, at this point, had already started recording his own music and knew that that was what he was meant to do.

Hip Hop was the genre of music that sparked the flame. Growing up in the Cayman Islands he was exposed to a mixture of cultures, as are most Caribbean nations, and a heavy American influence through television and radio. Strictly a rapper, he didn’t sing, but eventually started to dabble with singing due to not knowing anyone who could sing the hooks of his songs. He started to sing more and more and after a while started experimenting with other genres like R&B and Pop.

After a few years of improving his songwriting skill, teaching himself to record and engineer his own songs and getting a substantial amount of local airplay, Feev decided that he needed to do something different to get more attention; something that would separate himself from the pack because there were more local rappers emerging day by day. So Feev made the decision to try his hand at a Caribbean genre. Soca. Soca was the new direction. He made his first Soca single in 2013, entitled “Bubble Oh Seven”, and the clever play on the James Bond code name got the song a lot of attention. After performing the song at a small concert series in the harbour of George Town, Grand Cayman, Feev was approached and given the opportunity to open for Kes the Band at Cayman’s National Festival, “Pirates Week”. Since then Feev has released many Soca tracks and has opened for other big name stars like Shaggy, Lil Rick, Skinny Fabulous, K Rich, Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano.

In mid 2014, he changed his name from “Young Feva” to “ThaDudeFeev”. Partially due to the fact that he felt he had grown out of the name and partially because he felt the prefix “Young” had become too common in music. So in keeping with the original “Feva” name, which people always called him “Feev” for short, he initially created “ThaDudeFeev” as an Instagram handle and eventually made the decision to change his name officially.

Feev has now gone to higher heights and is currently working on a couple new tracks for the upcoming Carnival season! Check the video for his hit “Like You” and follow De Evolution on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat @thadudefeev.

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