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Secret Caribbean Islands You Should Know About Lifestyle Travel 

Secret Caribbean Islands You Should Know About

Have you ever wanted to get away? I mean, really get away. Taking a break from life’s to-do lists, schedules, and demands is a dream for many travelers caught up in the daily hustle of living.

Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas are all magnificent choices for a memorable retreat. But the Caribbean holds within it, much lesser known, almost secret places where one can truly relax and rejuvenate their body, mind, and spirit.


Aerial view, Saba

A sister island of St. Maarten, Saba is a beautiful island with under 2,000 residents, four tiny villages, and an even smaller harbor. Truly the nature worshipper’s paradise, Saba is void of beaches, shopping centers, and casinos. You will find no fancy nightclubs, fine dining restaurants, or resorts in Saba. It is the incredible beauty of the island’s natural surroundings and its volcanic scenery that gives it the nickname, the “Unspoiled Queen”.


Moonhole Stone House, Bequia

If your relaxation needs call for a bit more character and personality, Bequia may just be the secret little island for you.

Located in the Grenadines, Bequia is extraordinarily gorgeous, which is why it seems to be the perfect escape for many of the world’s wealthiest vacationers. The island’s Admiralty Bay is often filled with luxury yachts.

Bequia also boasts one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful natural harbors. There is some hustle and bustle with ferries from St Vincent and other islands in the Grenadines docking at its Port Elizabeth, but visitors will find none of the noise and crowds present in other more touristy Caribbean getaways. 


Montpelier Plantation Resort, Nevis

For those whose idea of a retreat includes unforgettable green landscapes and old world charm, Nevis is the quintessential hidden paradise.

Filled with elegant plantation-style hotels, Nevis was a sugar cane producing island in the 17th and 18th centuries.

If simple, classic luxury is your forte, the Montpelier Plantation and the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, are two of the classiest hotel resorts on the island. Nevis is also loved for Pinney’s, its long, peaceful, sandy beach; and a dormant volcano, which is a main attraction for climbing enthusiasts.


Pink Sands of Sugar Ridge, Barbuda

Barbuda is well-known for one reason: being the least-known and most-underdeveloped island in the Caribbean. Those who have had the pleasure of visiting consider that to be a great compliment.

Only 62 square miles of beauty, Barbuda is the sister island to Antigua. The whole island consists of Barbuda’s luxurious sandy beach, and its highest point tops off at only 124 feet.

Boasting two luxury resorts, Barbuda is the destination for many honeymooners seeking one of the most intimate getaways on the planet. Lighthouse Bay Resort and Coco Point Lodge are this island’s only accommodations. Even if you’re not a honeymooner, Barbuda should be on your top ten list of Caribbean retreats.

All too often, we find ourselves needing a vacation after our vacation. The people, the noise, the list of planned activities, and the abundance of entertainment can be draining, instead of rejuvenating. When you are truly seeking the kind of vacation that restores your energy and feeds the soul, any island on this list is the perfect panacea!

Written by L Kimberly Smith –  Kimberly is a blogger, freelance writer, a change and transformation coach for women, and an all-around creative passionista. She studied Communications at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, her hometown.

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