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Secret Caribbean Islands You Should Know About Lifestyle Travel 

Secret Caribbean Islands You Should Know About

Have you ever wanted to get away? I mean, really get away. Taking a break from life’s to-do lists, schedules, and demands is a dream for many travelers caught up in the daily hustle of living. Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas are all magnificent choices for a memorable retreat. But the Caribbean holds within it, much lesser known, almost secret places where one can truly relax and rejuvenate their body, mind, and spirit. Saba A sister island of St. Maarten, Saba is a beautiful island with under 2,000 residents,…

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Ecotourism: Can Belize Handle the Heat? Lifestyle Travel 

Ecotourism: Can Belize Handle the Heat?

With its diverse landscape, Belize is a symbolic ecosystem laboratory. Certainly, this terrain—replete with exotic rainforests, dry plains, and a tropical, marine environment teeming with untold species of fish—is a paradise on Earth. Consequently, Belize is saturated in the wash of runaway tourism, which is the living engine of its economy. But even relative prosperity can bear the seeds of big problems. Tourism is imposing harsh penalties upon the country; and the gentle ecosystem is reeling under the strain. Although Belize has garnered a well-deserved reputation as an “eco-friendly” and…

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