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Christopher Martin – “Under The Influence” Entertainment Videos 

Christopher Martin – “Under The Influence”

Christopher Martin has been singing all of his life. Recognized for his singing talent as child, Chris came to national fame in Jamaica 10 years ago with his victory on Television Jamaica’s (TVJ’s) popular talent competition Rising Stars, launching him into the spotlight. Since that time, Chris has developed a trademark that balances sweetness and swagger with a lot of sex appeal. Chris is a man of this digital age and excelled has with multiple YouTube videos scoring 1 million plus views including “Cheaters Prayer,” “Let Her Go,” “Mama,” “Paper…

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Sanjin, Walshy Fire & Salvatore Ganacci – Nah Tell Dem Entertainment Videos 

Sanjin, Walshy Fire & Salvatore Ganacci – Nah Tell Dem

The official music video of Sanjin, Walshy Fire & Salvatore Ganacci – Nah Tell Dem. Stream the full track and other artist releases here or show support on iTunes or Google Play. DOWNLOAD & SUPPORT: Sanjin, Walshy Fire & Salvatore Ganacci’s Good Enuff hit “Nah Tell Dem” now has a music video to accompany the fired up track, merging together an on-camera bond between three artists who have a finger-on-the-pulse approach to music culture. “Nah Tell Dem” gets you moving with its nasty trance-like, dancehall rhythm. Sanjin’s vocals are digitally charred up to perfection while…

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Sedale – “Land I Love” (feat. Preedy) Entertainment Videos 

Sedale – “Land I Love” (feat. Preedy)

Infused with the passion that Carnival brings, Sedale & Preedy present the Official Music Video for “Land I Love” – an organic collaboration between the two nations of St. Lucia and Trinidad. This video embodies the joy, revelry and unity that masqueraders experience during their favourite time of year. It also captures the essence of each one’s patriotism – that deep sense of national pride that is shown when flags are raised during that spectacle of magestic chaos. Feel the vybe, taste the energy and let the music pull you…

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DJ Khaled – “Nas Album Done” (feat. Nas) Entertainment Videos 

DJ Khaled – “Nas Album Done” (feat. Nas)

Every now and then music has its defining moments that create true synergy between cultures. Hip-Hop has been influenced from its inception by Caribbean culture via Clive Campbell, better known by his B-Boy moniker “DJ Kool Herc”. Herc, a Jamaican-American DJ is touted as the Father of Hip-Hop for originating the genre in the early 1970s in The Bronx, NY. His influences can still be heard in the break beats that define Hip-Hop. One who has been definitely influenced is DJ Khaled. Khaled, who came up as a DJ in…

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Machel Montano – “I Forget” (feat. Nikita Brown) Entertainment Videos 

Machel Montano – “I Forget” (feat. Nikita Brown)

Machel Montano – “I Forget” (Official Music Video) Contains excerpts from the movie BAZODEE – US Film Release date August 5th, nationwide. Buy here – Favorite, REPOST, and comment to blow SOCA MUSIC up! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE: BAZODEE Film Footage directed by Todd Kessler Music Studio Scenes directed by Roger Paperno BAZODEE Film Executive Produced by Elizabeth Montano & Machel Montano Video Produced by Susanne Bohnet, Serafini Pictures & Che Kothari, Monk Pictures Edited by Josh Noyes

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